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Green Packet, one of the World's top 5 CPE Providers

Green Packet’s Smart Devices

As one of the world’s top 5 CPE providers, Green Packet provides flexibility in customising indoor and outdoor fixed wireless broadband CPE devices while optimising for better performances and cost-effectiveness. This leads to greater and more valuable digital experiences from users.

Green Packet Wireless Solutions has been connecting people all over the world, be it metropolitan cities or remote towns with our range of high performance 4G and 5G indoor/outdoor CPE, as well as portable mobile Wi-Fi devices - all tailor-made to meet your business’ diverse needs.


Explore our range of wireless sololutions for your business needs

GP Oxygen

When you need mobile broadband on-the-go, there’s no better candidate than the GP Mi-Fi G5, our new portable wireless router for everywhere 5G connectivity. Its small form factor is perfect for road warriors, frequent fliers, and travellers looking to stay connected wherever they go.

Thanks to its large battery capacity, users can enjoy longer 5G connectivity for hours on end without having to worry about dropped signals. The G5 is also ideal for mobile operators looking to make the best use of their limited spectrum resources.

GP Atom

Telco operators looking to boost their subscription base in a fast and timely manner in urban and suburban areas should seek out the GP FIU H5. The H5 receives 5G signals easily, allowing it to deliver better and more stable connections as well as resolves common pain points of reduced network performance in cell-edge areas.

The H5 is IP-65 compliant, capable of operating outdoors even in extreme weather. Even when the device is installed outside of a window, users will not experience any penetration loss.

GP Hybrid

Get the best of both broadband worlds with the GP I2 Dual-WAN solution. With fallback support for 4G and 5G mobile data, the I2 allows flexible, future-proof deployment for both fibre and mobile broadband in new and developing areas.

You get essentially 2 routers at the price of one with the I2, and its “always connected” design means users will automatically use 4G broadband if the fibre network goes down. The I2 comes with built-in simplified troubleshooting tools, reducing the need to involve vendors in the event of problems.

GP Classic

Reliable and cost-effective, the GP IDU D5H is suitable for both residential and SME use cases in urban and suburban areas. Now equipped with 5G 2NR CA capabilities, the D5H delivers 2x faster 5G speeds of up to 4.6Gbps for improved user experience.

The D5H’s 9dBI High Gain Antenna enables wider 2x radius coverage, allowing for more stable signal quality. You can also maximise your subscription base in a timely banner with the D5H’s increased capacity for more simultaneous connections.

GP Quantum

For pure 5G wireless power and performance outdoors in urban, suburban, and rural areas, you need the GP ODU O5A. The O5A outdoor gateway offers the best-in-class 5G coverage by up to 2x thanks to its 13 dBi directional antenna and beamforming technology. Its rugged build allows it to operate in extreme weather conditions while delivering ultra-fast, multi-gigabit broadband services.

The O5A also allows base stations to support a higher capacity for simultaneous users, enabling operators to save on CAPEX and OPEX.

Why Green Packet is your preferred partner​?

For decades, Green Packet has been working behind the scenes to connect everyday Malaysians and businesses. We were the first and leading WiMAX telco company in Malaysia, and we also established wireless townships that provided free wireless broadband to hundreds and thousands of users.

Since then, Green Packet has shipped millions of indoor and outdoor CPEs to telco companies worldwide. Our track record and wireless broadband experience is second to none, and we understand what operators need by providing affordable, custom-made solutions.

Our footprint

Over the years, Green Packet has collaborated with dozens of telco and non-telco companies across the globe. Thanks to our vast experience of shipping millions of CPE to consumers and enterprises, we are well-positioned to deliver ideal customized solutions that meet your growing business needs.

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